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Monday, April 19th, 2004
10:17 pm
Fare Thee Well Livejournal...
Well it has come to my realization that I dont post much here anymore.This is duely to the fact that not much seems eventful enough to rag on about lately.In 2 weeks I was called a stalker,hung out with Cary from the Fashion Victims & realized he is still my best friend spite our past grudges,saw FV and was blown away,was denied a buisness loan to start a record label,was told my prior college credits are non-transferable to the AI so school in Philly might be out,annnd...well I cant even remember,however none of those things seem to matter because you know what,life is fucking great and I have honestly never been happier.Ive met new faces,made new accomplishments,& over all just have a bright view of things to come.I mean,I may have been denied the loan for my label,but it isnt stopping me.Im finally going to make this happen....and it really excites me.Ive also finally found musicians interested in playing in The Audiophiles Unite.This put a smile on my face because the band i've been trying to start for so long is finally starting to see a face.Alot of people ask me "what are you unhappy with Keith?" and it isnt that at all,I LOVE playing bass in the Works,but like Keith has his outlet I need mine.lol I feel bad because im plucking the members out of other bands,but hey they are willing contestants lol.Ugh where was I,if you havent noticed I tend to ramble.OH YEAH,so im leaving you guys here at LJ for the sake of really not feeling the need to update.Maybe ill be productive and write some songs rather than post thoughts on line :)I think thats my problem with song writing is I bitch and bitch but when it comes time to write im dry,so this is it :/lol if anyone needs to contact me my SN is DeathCab4Dustin,or my email is threestringdoritodonkey@yahoo.com

Before I go im going to leave you with the top 5 albums ive decided you should own this year lol :)

5.)Matt Sharp-"Matt Sharp" (Out April 24th)
4.)"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"-Soundtrack
3.)Washington Social Club-"EP"
2.)Jupiter Sunrise-"Under A Killer Blue Sky"
1.)Pedro The Lion-"Achilles Heel" (Out May 25th)

BK's new LP is exempt from the list cuz frankly im not impressed."The Rules" is a pure rock and roll kick to the face,but the rest of the album is weak.
Monday, April 5th, 2004
6:54 am
I need to stop trying to be John Cusack.
See,i've always been cursed with being a romantic,or atleast thinking I was enough enough to just make that comment,but maybe sometimes being blunt rather than everything being contrived is the road better taken.Lets put it like this.

Boy notices girl,boy and girl begin to talk and girl is intriguing.Girl is going away for a week so boy figures "let me ask before she goes if shed want to do something when she gets back" but hesitates and wants to wait till the day before she leaves because he figures it would be more impactful in the sense that it would take an almost Casablance hook to it.BUT girl is an extremely busy person,& boy never has a chance to ask before she leaves.Girl leaves,boy eats a bowl of cereal,& says damn lol.

It would have been more effective with sock puppets lol.Its not a big deal at I think its pretty funny because it just shows how I am.I always be that Cripin Glover as George McFly in BTTF who thinks too much about whats the right time to say what & stumbles over it when it does come up rather than be spontaneous.Oh well i'll just have to try when she gets back :)No biggy.Anyway I have a cold now so no Java Joint rock for me tonight,but maybe ill be there nevertheless.

Just felt the need to update!

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Saturday, April 3rd, 2004
10:32 pm
This movie was fucking wonderful.It reminded me of a Neil Simon work.Me,Jacki,JP,Keith,Danlos,& Laura went to check it out.
Friday, April 2nd, 2004
8:03 pm
Subjects are for gays & men who like butts full of sex...
Well its Friday night & I can honestly say I havent been more chipper :)I mean besides an unfortunate nausia incident early from a White Castle ad lol,ive had a pretty swell day.Awoke late unfortunatly,but to a phone call from this nice lad Mark at "Degenerate Records" who said he liked my demo on Purevolume & was curious whether I was interested in recording a song for their upcoming comp.I ofcourse said well...OFCOURSE,and then decided that i'd rather have the songs from my upcoming E.P. stay on the down low until its released,so im recording a cover of the Electric Light Orchestra epic "Mr. Blue Sky",partly because its one of my favorite songs ever written,& i've been working on a cover of it as is.So I begin work on that in a few days,& the comp should be out sometime in June so im really looking foward to it.I also wrapped up my portfolio for the AI this afternoon for my presentation,which im shitting myself over.Mostly due to my lack of speaking skills lol.Ive already been accepted but this will determine my status there,and what classes they feel I need to take.Since im going for graphic advertising,my recent brochure & billboard designs for work come in rather handy!And then while I was talking to Annie,who owns by the way :),I got a phone call from a kid named Alper saying that he recieved contact information of mine in interest of a roomate for next year.He seems like a nice stable young man with a full head of hair (lol or so im assuming).Im actually meeting up with him tomorrow on top of everything else I need to do,so I hope that goes in my favor.So right now im just sitting here kicking back and listening to Ours,confident that tomorrow will be as great as today was.Oh well till next time :)

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Thursday, April 1st, 2004
10:04 pm
Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
7:42 am
Lets summarize last night...
Jeremy broke my bass strings,didnt apologize....just said ooops,Skeletons coffee rocked hizardcore,& I had a breakdancing competition.I also saw about 12 to one men to women ratio there,so if anyone can make me not single anymore send your presskits to threestringdoritodonkey@yahoo.com lol
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
11:56 pm
lol oh by the way...
I forgot to mention that someone at work today actually had the audacity to ask me what was wrong with my teeth.lol ohhh these customers!I wasnt going to blow up at her,because i'm sure alot of people have wondered.So I told her the truth about my illness and she got really awkward and walked away lol.HEY!She asked.So incase you were ever curious here goes...

I suffer from a very serious calcium deficiency caused by corticosteroids in my asthma medication as a child.This results in my bones & teeth being rather fragile,and because my medicine was taking orally it affectected the enamel as well as attacked the teeth first hand.Ive had 6 surgeries and take medication regularly for this,but because this was diagnosed later in my life,12,Alot of longterm effects have already occured.As a result my teeth are brittle.I have plans on having a final surgery performed possibly by this summer,but in the meantime im just going to have to live with the questions lol.

Sorry if this is awkward,but the girl made me realize alot of people probably wonder what the hell happened to me.Oh well....until next time!
11:14 pm
Welcome back to NJ Jeremy.
Welcome back into my life Maria,make yourself at home there :)

"If the university calls about that job,tell them im sorry.I had to see about a girl.".I think I need to live this out for myself soon....

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11:12 pm
Friday, March 26th, 2004
10:40 am
Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
3:56 am
What the fuck lol?
You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. She is a rad
chick with absolutely no fashion sense. If you
are a guy and chose this... you are gay.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
9:17 am
The Man In Dutch Returnith!
Shit....I really barely have to update this thing anymore,& how ever are you people going to survive being unaware of my daily going ons?!??!!!?Well blame it on life lol,it's been getting in the way ever since it started becoming jealous of my livejournal!(LJ makes better taylor ham anyway....)

Well lets recap what youve missed out on shall we?(i'll keep it brief)-

1.)Bus a took up to NYC last Friday to catch some Tonation & Copperpottery,which delivered both rock AND roll in modest ammounts!The evening was Chuck full of the best Chinese food/service ive enjoyed in a while,& came to a head when Carrie came by to CBGBs to take a few shots of us.The girl rules like the metric system on saturday.And then the moment came,BEN FOLDS TOOK THE FUCKING STAGE (I still believe it was him atleast lol),and kicked out a bitching randition of The Greatest American Hero theme with Ron Howard on bass,lol....you had to be there.So we headed back on an oversold bus & me and JP started our own relationship talkshow without an audience.It was like Loveline,minus the live....and were more SQUARE than a line.No asian hookers,but a girl did stick her finger in my mouth which I found invigorating lol.

2.)Lets see what else...Saturday was chock full of nothing.Plans for Keenans b-day jamboree fell through & I ended up making a flyer.Eventful!Oh by the way did I mention I also probably have....
FREE PRINCE TICKETS? Ahhh....more on him later lol

3.)The sabbath ofcourse....but ontop of it was the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction,which was a great one....minus Z.Z. Top lol.Prince blew everyone into an orgasm for the opener & J.P.s mom made bitching pizza....Overall rating for the night:A-! (MINUS because everyone was exhausted at practice.

4.)OHHHHH Monday,you never seem to fail me....i'll paraphrase this entire day.
Woke up,went to the bank,got caught in one of those inspection traps (where the cops stand there and stop people who have bad inspection),which resulted in a $140 ticket.I get to work & i'm asked to put away some of the new costumes they go in stock,so I head to the basement,reach in a box and feel something small and furry.I back up and feel a searing pain in my wrist.Turns out I was bitten by a fucking mouse!So rather then drive me to the hospital,I end up driving myself.They gave me a shot,& sent me back to work (proffesional isnt it?),so I just went to the mall lol.Bumped into Shannon with a bitching new hair-do,and went on my way.Weezer was on last night but it blew,because it was a 15 minute DVD preview.So I passed out around 4 A.M.,annnnd thats about it.

And today....
Well today is very pleasent one!Today is the release of the new Weezer DVD which chronicles their career from 1991-2003 including 4 hours of home footage of the band from their start till present.Also the Blue Album Deluxe Edition comes out today!I honestly wouldnt buy it if I wasnt fucking obsesseed with them lol.Its the blue album,but has a 2nd disc of all of the B-Sides for the album(I have the singles theyre included on already so thats nothing huge),their original demo tape which is awesome,& 2 unreleased demos for the album.What could make this day blow the lame?I'd say the fact that I woke up witha chest cold would do it!I swear its from that shot because I was FINE yesterday.Ugh who knows.Im actually out the door to buy said =w= goodies now,but who knows what my next update will bring??!??A marriage?Lost twin found?!?Cats on Mars?!?Only the future can tell!
Saturday, March 20th, 2004
9:19 pm

I hope you guys can make it out to this!If you purchase a ticket we a have a special suprise for you at the show!

11:33 am
Friday, March 19th, 2004
2:50 am
Thursday, March 18th, 2004
11:22 pm
lol wow the things boredom can create....

the scary thing is...aside from the Koala...this is a pretty convincing poster lol.See,everyone should become a graphic advertising major so you can make B-Rated zoological thrill flick posters ;)

On my agenda-

New York with the band and Co. for some Tonation/Copperpot-ery!


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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
11:43 pm


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Sunday, March 14th, 2004
10:18 pm
10:43 am
"To do then now would be retro. To do then then was very now-tro, if you will."-A Mighty Wind
Ugh I really hate updating this thing lol.Cuz you know,it takes me away from my doing nothing for 5 minutes!Yesterday was a good day in the house of Dutch :)It started off to the resounding screech of brakes outside of my house,& as I came out of my room I saw it was my car with a new set of them!Best part of it is,the man at Midas said it was going to cost me $400+,but my brothers a mechanic so needless to say I payed alot less to have it done at home.ABOUT $380 LESS!lol my new brake shoes only cost about $25 so that means that would be charging me THAT MUCH MORE for fucking service.Damn pirates...

Hopefully this means ill be passing inspection someday soon!But knowing my luck,my fanbelt will snap while im waiting in line lol.After that I headed up mall-ward & picked up some banjo & guitar strings.Im going to start expierimenting with an .08 gauge because ever since I got my Ric (godbless the thing),ive lost my speed & flexibility,as opposed to to my Jazzmaster which I could move up and down the frets with ease.I tried playing around with .10's on top & .08's on the bottom when I was with the Taints for a heavier sound,which worked OK...but threw my neck off :/The Ric currently had like .12's I believe which are equivalent to the D string of a Bass.lol anyway im rambling.I come home and get a phone call from my friend Eric,the keyboardist from Machine Gun Kelly that his guitarist won the lottery for $150,000 & he's renting out the Pony to celebrate & is having WEEN PLAY!!!!Apparently they only cost $20,000 to get.It's a little private shindig so its gonna be great just sitting there eating and watching Ween.Happy days indeed...

So night time came along,& a last time Purple Rain gathering was had!I originally planned on throwing a huge Purple Rain party in a few weeks,but that wouldve never have worked lol,so me,Danlos,Laura,J.P.,Jackie,other girl (lol sorry...),Keith,& Johnny V gathered to basque in the splendor the Prince.Its scary how fucking awesome he is lol.I especially love the moment where he tells Apollonia "You have to purify yourself in Lake Minnetonka",
so she strips & jumps in the lake,& he jumps on his bike and goes "That's not Lake Minnetonka",right before speeding off and leaving her there cold and naked lol.So nothing much after that.I came back home,passed out,& here I am now!What today holds is beyond me!OH BY THE WAY,anyone intered in going to see The Minibosses in NYC on April 6th let me know!Its their first Big east coast show outside of Boston.

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Saturday, March 13th, 2004
11:41 am
R.I.P Dave Blood....

From CNN.COM (thanks to MTV & VH-1 FOR NOT EVEN FUCKING REPORTING ON THIS.Cocksuckers...)-

"NEW YORK (Billboard) -- Dave Blood, bassist for defunct Philadelphia rock act the Dead Milkmen, committed suicide Wednesday, according to a post by his sister on the band's official message board (http://deadmilkmen.com).


In a subsequent post, Milkmen drummer Dean Clean confirmed the news.

"This morning Dave Blood is no longer with us," wrote Blood's sister, Kathy. "David is my brother. Since the breakup of the band David has never really found his niche in life. My brother was a smart, clever and talented person. Inner peace has seemed to elude him for the last many years. Sometime last night David chose to end his life. He left a note that I don't know all of what it said, he was not elaborate -- but he said he just could not stand to go on any longer."

A memorial service will be held in the Delaware County area of southeastern Pennsylvania at some point in the near future, with details to be announced.

"I'll miss Dave as a friend and a bandmate," Clean wrote. "He helped make lots of folks here very happy with the music we all made together. He will not be forgotten."

The Dead Milkmen formed in 1983 and quickly rose to prominence in the college radio circuit. Their 1985 debut album, "Big Lizard in My Backyard" boasts the cult-classic single "Bitchin' Camaro," but was overshadowed in 1988 by "Punk Rock Girl," which was an MTV staple of the time.

The band dissolved after releasing "Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)" in 1995. In late 2003, Restless/Ryko released a retrospective of early and rare recordings, "Now We Are 20," and the "Philadelphia in Love" DVD, which compiled all of the band's videos.

In recent years, Blood had stopped playing bass due to extreme tendonitis. In the mid-'90s, he enrolled at Indiana University to study Yugoslavian culture, and spent nearly a year in the country between August 1998 and April 1999. In an e-mail interview (http://www.markprindle.com) late last year with journalist Mark Prindle, he expressed interest in returning to the country in the near future."-CNN.COM

This has been fucking killing me.I mean,theres always that one band in your life that you grow up with and noone else ever truely appreciates,or understands WHY you love them for that matter.The Milkmen were just that to me.They didnt fall into the "box" of what I usually listened to,but they wrote catchy songs that put todays bands to shame at times.Songs like "Life Is Shit" & "Deans Dream" has such beautiful breaks & patterns,& their big claim to fame "Punk Rock Girl" was so hook driven you felt like a fish at the end of the line struggling to break away but couldnt.I found out last night,after everyone else did,& I dropped the phone.Jeremy broke the news to me with "You didnt hear did you?Dave Bloods gone...".Him & I always shared a fondness with the band.Ive met them on several occasions in Philly,not to mention me & Jeremy were on the brink of seriousness in starting a DMM Tribute band,so needless to say it hurts me personally.If youve never heard The Dead Milkmen I recommend the albums "Beezlebubba","Metaphysical Graphiti",& "Eat Your Paisley".Post your thoughts on this tragedy here


Take a listen to one of their funnier tracks here-Lesbian Eskimo Midget Albino

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